Public Servant vs. Politician

This pandemic has impacted me, my family, and everyone else in our world. After seeing how our country reacted to warnings resulting in the consequences we now face, I've concluded that we, the voters, are responsible for this mess. As a nation, we've been electing Politicians, not Public Servants. This is the real reason why our country is doing poorly in this crisis, when compared to South Korea or New Zealand.

Politicians never admit a mistake and only say things that sound good, independent of honesty and truth. Politicians speak a lot while saying nothing. They have no problem misleading people. A Politician's allegiance is to the ones who provide the $$. Politicians act in their own best interest. Politicians play on peoples' emotions and perceptions; independent of facts and reason. For me, the worst characteristic of a Politician is that he/she does not objectively consider all sides of an issue.

A Public Servant will admit a mistake, in spite of the political consequences, because that is the only way to correct a mistake. A Public Servant recognizes that something that sounds good, looks good, and makes people feel good is not automatically good. A Public Servant will speak the truth based on facts and not play on peoples' emotions. A Public Servant will objectively listen to all sides of an issue. He/she will then use reason and facts to determine what is best. A Public Servant will always act in the best interest of the public, whether it is popular or not. Finally, a Public Servant does not act for glory, power, or $$, A Public Servant acts only to serve the community,

Based on my experiences on the City Ethics Commission and twice running for political office, I've also concluded that many good people with good intentions go into politics. The problem is that our political system corrupts them and they don't realize it. So don't be too hard on our elected Politicians as we try (as we must) to remove corruption from our political system and replace these Politicians with Public Servants.

Note:  This was submitted to the Caller-Times and printed in the Opinion section on May 1, 2020