What people say about Larry White

(the following are from his Mayoral run in 2017)

 I hope you win. I know due to the way our city is setup that the mayor does not have a lot of power. However, since you would be limited in power legally it would take someone who has Real World experience which gives them the ability to effectively use the office in a way that can influence the council to get things done.

When you know what you're talking about others are more likely to listen. That's why I'm voting for you.

Stephen John Dietz - Refinery Operator at Flint Hills Resources

What people are saying about Larry White

 I know Larry White and he is a SUPER and AWESOME man of integrity and good for our city. Wish him well!

Ramiro R. Chavez, Concerned citizen and Veteran

What our customers are saying

I worked with Larry for over 30 years and found his integrity above reproach, his work ethic is remarkable, his decision making skills are excellent.... and his commitment to doing the "right thing" is part of his character. His engineering skills are outstanding and he is not just one dimensional, his knowledge covers more areas of engineering than anyone I know. Vote for Larry!!!

Steve Trout, DuPont Safety, Retired

What our customers are saying

 I was a control room operator that ran a multi-million dollar plant and if I had problems at 2 or 3 in the morning, my supervisor would call Larry. With in the hour, Larry would show up and had the solution to our problem.

Hexiquio Rodriguez, Control Room Technician

What our customers are saying

I want you to run for the position. You are qualified and can take the bull by the horns to get the city stable.

(later) I'm pleased you made the decision and look forward to meeting the gal married to the smartest guy in the room.

Karon K Connelly, Lawyer and fellow Ethics Commissioner

What our customers are saying

What Impresses me most about Larry White is his singleminded dedication to accomplishing any goal he sets his mind to, which will greatly benefit our city. His engineering approach to problem solving is precisely what we need. Additionally, Larry is not a lightning rod for controversy or division, and I believe he will serve as a bridge to our community.

Tom Dowdy

What our customers are saying

I have known Larry for 6 years and have always found him to have integrity in all he does. This is a man I would trust to make ethical, just decisions.

Jennifer Chapman - School Teacher

What our customers are saying

Larry is a man of true integrity

Bill Tumlinson, IT Chemours

What our customers are saying

 I would move to Corpus just to vote for you!!!

Cindy Fox Shutt, friend since Louisiana Tech

What our customers are saying

 Steady, principled, and intelligent

Donna Endicott Linnane, family friend

What our customers are saying

 Hard worker great friend easy to get along with

Bob Allen, Veteran and fellow Veterans Band member

What people are saying about Larry White

 He is highly involved in the city council and ethics commission here in Corpus. He is probably the most ethical and intelligent person I know.  He has my complete support...

Charity Benson Stepdaughter

What our customers are saying

 I wish I still lived in Corpus to vote for you, and to help campaign. You will make a fantastic Mayor.

Cathy Rypma-Dixon, family friend

What our customers are saying

A problem solver with integrity.

Charles Allison

What our customers are saying

One very smart man who cares about others and will do anything he can to make things that are wrong Right!  Guarantee you on that!

David Bozoti

What our customers are saying

 "He has a brilliant mind to accompany a calm and friendly disposition."

Jeff McVey